We are a full service provider of all types of window screen replacement

Fiberglass Window Screens

The most common type of window screens are made with insect screen material made of vinyl coated fiberglass. It is standard on most new construction homes and apartments. It also makes a great economical replacement window screen on older homes. Fiberglass is a very forgiving fabric that springs back into shape if pushed on or bumped accidentally. The vinyl coating assures that your window screens will last longer exposed to the weather elements.

Our custom “built to last” window screen frames, stand up well to the coastal extremes. They are available in white, bronze, and grey-aluminum finishes.

When we come to your home or business, we provide new screens, new frames and best of all, we do all the work!

Pet Screens

Is your pet wreaking havoc on your window screens? North County Mobile Screen has a solution for you. We have found the perfect pet resistant screen for your window, door or patio application. Our pet resistant screen is seven times stronger than regular insect screen, and constructed of strong vinyl coated polyester.

Pet resistant screens will resist damage from clawing and scratching from dogs and cats, while providing excellent outward visibility.

Sliding Screen Doors

Does this sound familiar…You’ve finally made a commitment to replace the torn screen in that sliding door. The flies coming in were beginning to think they owned the place, and the dog thought you installed it that way just for him…. if so, North County Mobile Screen can help. We can re-screen any size door or window, no problem. And we don’t stop with just the screen, we will make new sliding screen doors of the highest quality, with these features:

  • All aluminum construction, no plastic parts
  • Wheels with ballbearing
  • Locking doors
  • White, black, bronze, almond, adobe, and anodized aluminum
  • Oversized doors, no problem

We can also replace the wheels with any existing doors. We do it all!

Swinging Screen Doors

Rescreens and repairs, we can provide whatever you need for your swinging door screens. We use only the highest quality of new and replacement doors.

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